About VitaViva-Info

The purpose of vitaviva-info is to provide a platform that aims to inform, inspire and guide users within areas such as health, illnesses, health-prevention and dietary supplementation. Our goal is to provide a site that is entirely up to date on all relevant health topics and provide an enabler to answer any questions users may have. Consequently, we furthermore offer a live chat function, which is open all weekdays from 10-15 GMT.

Vitaviva-info is not meant to replace medical advice. It is meant to help strength your knowledge and insight. Never attempt to ‘self-cure’ without ensuring you have all the relevant and necessary information, and always contact your health therapist if you are suffering any form of serious illness.

Vitaviva-info was established upon the initiative from a group of doctors, medical researchers and business professionals who decided to create a tool that would guide and inform others with health and wellness issues, based on evidential research and studies.


The content on vitaviva-info, including web documents, graphics and programming are copyright protected, trademark registered and in adherence with relevant laws on the matter.